Thursday, May 5, 2016

Donald Trump and Elliot Burch ("Beauty and the Beast")

Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) and
 Elliot Burch (Edward Albert, Jr.)
Donald Trump on the cover of Newsweek (9/28/1987)
I think it's a safe bet at this late date (nearly 30 years after the fact) to assume that pretty much everyone has forgotten that the Beauty and the Beast character Elliot Burch (portrayed by the late Edward Albert, Jr.) was based on Donald Trump.  Elliot Burch - a wealthy New York real estate magnate - was created by writer David Peckinpah and first appeared in episode #3 - "Siege" (10/9/87).
     Elliot appeared in 10 episodes throughout all 3 seasons of Beauty and the Beast as a rival for Catherine's love. **SPOILER!** He died heroically - saving Vincent's life in episode #50 - "Beggar's Comet" (01/03/90).
     Check out this great fan-made 90 second YouTube video with clips from episode #21 - "Ozymandias" (04/01/88).  Elliot Burch takes a major fall in this episode...!  View the video HERE:

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