Sunday, August 7, 2016

"All My Children" reference in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?

Battlestar Galactica ("Saga of a Star World") -
Adama and Adar discuss ABC-TV's popular daytime
soap opera "All My Children"
There is some extremely awkward dialogue between Commander Adama and President Adar in the opening minutes of the Battlestar Galactica pilot movie ("Saga of a Star World").  Adar says ("I see the party is not a huge success with all my children.").  Could this line be a reference to the popular ABC-TV daytime drama All My Children - then still running on ABC-TV - and also the show that launched Richard Hatch's career?  Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo on Battlestar Galactica) played Phillip Brent on All My Children for two years beginning in 1970.  An estimated 66 million viewers tuned in to "Saga of a Star World" on Sunday, September 17, 1978 - this line of dialogue is (more or less!) a commercial for All My Children!  Was this deliberate or just a weird coincidence?

All My Children - Richard Hatch and Karen Lynn Gorney
Battlestar Galactica is copyright (c) NBC / Universal; created by Glen A. Larson.
All My Children is copyright (c) ABC-TV; created by Agnes Nixon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Decorating Tips from Apollo and Starbuck

Battlestar Galactica ("Lost Planet of the Gods")
- aired on 09/24/78 and 10/01/78
There are roughly 15 minutes of Deleted / Expanded scenes that were filmed for the 2-part Battlestar Galactica story "Lost Planet of the Gods" - written by Glen A. Larson and Donald P. Bellisario; directed by Christian I. Nyby II.  These scenes are part of the Bonus Features of the BSG DVD and Blu-Ray releases.  Some of these scenes include (1) Serina piloting a shuttle into the Galactica landing bay - her first solo flight (2) Adama and Tigh ruminating on the nature of the Void (3) Adama's eloquent speech about the fall of Kobol (4) a longer version of Serina's death scene - all of these scenes are vastly superior to a truly bizarre scene at the beginning of Part 2 where Apollo and Starbuck inexplicably  "Fem it up" and swap decorating tips.  I'm not making this up - read on - this has my vote as the most excruciating scene of the entire series!:

Battlestar Galactica is copyright (c) NBC / Universal; created by Glen A. Larson.  All photos and quoted dialogue are used for illustrative purposes only.