Saturday, September 26, 2015

Classic "Doctor Who" - 149 Stories on DVD! :-)

My complete collection of Doctor Who (the Classic Original Series) on Region 1 DVD.  All 149 existing stories were released on DVD from September 11, 2001 with "The Five Doctors" (Is it reasonable to assume that sales were fairly slow on that fateful day...?) through May 20, 2014, concluding with "Enemy of the World" via Warner Bros. and BBC Home Video.  I rate the 26 Seasons of Classic Doctor Who a solid "10".

I admit that I can't muster much enthusiasm for the reboot series or any of the various spin-offs (although I absolutely loved Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of The Doctor - but not enough to purchase the DVD set...).  I'll stick with "old school" Doctor Who.

Classic Doctor Who on DVD!