Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Both Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica feature young women named Miri.  On Star Trek ("Miri" - written by Adrian Spies; directed by Vincent McEveety), Miri is played by Kim Darby.

On Battlestar Galactica ("The Young Lords" - written by Donald Bellisario, Frank Lupo and Paul Playton; directed by Donald Bellisario) Miri is played by Audrey Landers.

Interestingly, both productions deal with children left to fend for themselves on a hostile planet.  Also, Star Trek's Miri falls in love with Captain Kirk, while Battlestar Galactica's Miri is interested in Lt. Starbuck.

Star Trek ("Miri")
 - Kim Darby and Michael J. Pollard

Battlestar Galactica ("The Young Lords")
- Audrey Landers and Dirk Benedict

Battlestar Galactica is copyright (c) NBC / Universal; created by Glen A. Larson.
Star Trek is copyright (c) CBS / Paramount; created by Gene Roddenbery.