Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Fatal Vision" (1984) NBC-TV Mini-Series starring Gary Cole

Who can forget Fatal Vision?  This blockbuster TV mini-series (based on the book by Joe McGinness) aired over two nights on NBC in 1984 and stars Gary Cole, Karl Malden and Andy Griffith.  The film tells the story of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, the Green Beret U.S. Army doctor who was eventually convicted of murdering his wife and family in February of 1970.  MacDonald claims that he is innocent - he maintains that the real murderers were a group of drug-crazed hippies (three men and a woman) who broke into their small apartment on the Fort Bragg army base and attacked him and slaughtered his family.  Fatal Vision was released on VHS in the 1980's but has yet to have an official DVD or Blu-Ray release.

Fans of The Fugitive - with Dr. Kimble's story of a One-Armed Man who really killed his wife - will enjoy this film.

Is Jeffrey MacDonald guilty - or innocent?  Watch Fatal Vision - and then watch the various interviews with MacDonald on YouTube - and decide for yourself.

Watch Fatal Vision (3 hours) on YouTube HERE:

In late 1970 - only a few months after the murders - Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald was interviewed by Dick Cavett.  His "cheshire cat" grin and joking demeanor is positively chilling...  Watch a 2 minute excerpt from the interview on YouTube HERE:

Larry King interviewed Jeffrey MacDonald in 2003.  View this interview HERE:

The VHS release of Fatal Vision