Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quinn Martin's 'Tales of the Unexpected' - 3 episodes of this 'lost' 1977 TV series are on YouTube! :-)

In 1977, Quinn Martin produced "Tales of the Unexpected" for NBC-TV.  Eight episodes of this anthology series were produced (one episode "The Force of Evil" was movie-length) for a total of nine hours of science fiction, horror and suspense.  Popular guest stars on the series include Lloyd Bridges, Roy Thinnes, Bill Bixby, Dean Stockwell, Ned Beatty, Tim O'Connor, Robert Foxworth, Rick Nelson, David Birney, Van Williams, Ronny Cox, Carl Weathers, Gary Collins, Robert Pine, Eve Plumb and Christine Belford.

There weren't many VCRs in use in 1977 and the few that were around probably weren't taping "Tales of the Unexpected".  In the past 38 years, only three episodes have surfaced in the video trading community - "The Nomads", "No Way Out" (from a one time airing on TV Land of this episode only circa 2000 - no others were shown) and "The Force of Evil" (which was released on VHS tape in the 1980's).  The episode "The Nomads" is particularly interesting to fans of THE INVADERS - this episode is a remake / reboot of the pilot episode "Beachhead" - updated to the 1970's!

CBS / Paramount owns "Tales of the Unexpected".  It would be great if the entire series were released on DVD.  In the meantime, fans can enjoy these three classic episodes on YouTube.

Episode #4 - "The Nomads" (a remake / reboot of THE INVADERS pilot episode "Beachhead") - View this episode HERE:

Episode #9 - "No Way Out" - starring Bill Bixby and Dean Stockwell.  View this episode HERE:

Episode #6 / #7 - "The Force of Evil" (movie-length episode) - starring Lloyd Bridges, Patricia Crowley and Eve Plumb.  View this episode HERE:

The VHS release of "The Force of Evil"
Tales of the Unexpected is copyright (c) Quinn Martin Productions and CBS / Paramount.