Thursday, July 21, 2016

Matthew Starr, P.I.

Fans of early '80's sci-fi TV will remember The Powers of Matthew Starr (1982 - 83).  This often-maligned series starred Peter Barton as Matthew Starr and Louis Gossett, Jr. as Walt Shepard.  The duo were aliens from the planet Quadris who have been exiled to Earth in order to escape the overlords who have taken over the planet.  Matthew (known as Ehawk on Quadris) was a member of the planet's royal family.  On Earth, he posed as a typical American high school student; while Walt was his guardian (and also his science teacher).  Matthew possessed several amazing powers, including E.S.P., telekinesis and astral projection.

I'm currently watching The Streets of San Francisco (1972 - 77) on DVD.  I got a kick out of one 2nd season episode titled "Most Feared in the Jungle" (aired on 12/20/73) which featured a sleazy private detective named Matthew Starr!  A fun coincidence...!  Some photos below:

Matthew Star, P.I.
The Powers of Matthew Star is copyright (c) CBS / Paramount.
The Streets of San Francisco is copyright (c) CBS / Paramount.