Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Stand-In

One of the best episodes of The Greatest American Hero (1981 - 83) is "The Resurrection of Carlini" (11/19/82).  The next time you watch this 3rd Season episode on DVD, be sure to take a close look at an interesting scene at the 38:38 mark.  Robert Culp must not have been available for this pick-up shot where Ralph, Pam and Robert Culp's STAND-IN (dressed in a pirate costume with a mustache) enter a room.  I suspect that most viewers didn't catch this during the initial broadcast (the stand-in is only seen for about 1 second), but he really stands out on the crystal-clear DVD image.

Have a look for yourself in the following four screencaps taken from the DVD set.

The Greatest American Hero:
"The Resurrection of Carlini"

The Stand-In enters the room

The Stand-In (zoomed for close-up)

Robert Culp as Bill Maxwell
The Greatest American Hero is copyright (c) Stephen J. Cannell Productions.  All photos are used for illustrative purposes only.