Wednesday, December 28, 2016

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, STAR WARS and STAR TREK Comics Cover Credits - Intrigued by the small details...

I'm often intrigued by the small details - things that someone might look at every day but not really take much notice of.  In recent days, I've become intrigued by the Marvel Comics of Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, and Star Trek - in the 1970s, Marvel Comics published adaptations of the initial movie(s), followed by ongoing stories.

Of all three series - only Battlestar Galactica creator Glen A. Larson received "Cover Credit" on each and every issue of Marvel's Battlestar Galactica comic book.  Conversely, neither George Lucas or Gene Roddenberry have "Cover Credit".

I wonder why this happened?  Did (the late) Glen Larson have the foresight to simply ASK for Cover Creator Credit...and George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry didn't?  Glen Larson had a reputation as a very savvy businessman - is his Cover Creator Credit on Marvel's Battlestar Galactica comics an example of his business acumen?  More to the point, did Larson have **any** involvement with Marvel's Battlestar Galactica comics - or was the deal done entirely by the licensing department at Universal Studios?

I've read many of the various Battlestar Galactica comics that have been published by various publishers over the past few decades (Maximum Press, Realm Press, Dynamite Entertainment).  Interestingly enough, only the Marvel issues gave Glen Larson Cover Credit - none of the other publishers did.

Below are the Covers of Battlestar Galactica #2, Star Wars #2 and Star Trek #2 - all published by Marvel Comics back in the day.  Notice the "Created By" Banner on Battlestar Galactica and the complete lack of Creator Cover Credits on both Star Wars and Star Trek.

Note: The Top Banner that reads:
("Based on the first episode of the TV series Battlestar Galactica;
written and created by Glen Larson.")
Note: George Lucas receives credit on the inside
Title Page - but not on the Cover.
Note: Gene Roddenberry receives credit
on the inside Title Page - but not on the Cover.