Thursday, December 22, 2016

FASHION DEJA VU: Dr. Zee vs. Commander Straker

Was Dr. Zee's wardrobe (and haircut!) inspired by Commander Straker from Gerry Anderson's UFO?  UFO (1970) was set in the year 1980...and when the real year 1980 rolled around, Galactica: 1980 premiered featuring Dr. Zee, a character dressed nearly identical to Commander Straker.

Dr. Zee (Galactica: 1980)

Commander Straker (UFO)
Battlestar Galactica / Galactica: 1980 is copyright (c) NBC / Universal; created by Glen A. Larson.
UFO is copyright (c) Carlton and Gerry Anderson Productions; created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill.