Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Beauty and the Beast" - I Drove All Night

1987 newspaper ad for the premiere of
Beauty and the Beast - "Once Upon a Time...in the City of New York"

One of my all time favorite television shows is Beauty and the Beast (1987 - 90).  I loved it then, and I love it now (yes - even Season 3!).  Beauty and the Beast is easily one of the best shows of the 1980's and was "the" cult show to watch at the time (for the first season at least).

Beauty and the Beast premiered on Friday, Sept. 25, 1987.  Only one day later (in most markets), Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on Saturday, Sept. 26, 1987.

Check out this great music video set to Celine Dion's cover of the famous Roy Orbison song "I Drove All Night".  This is one of the few fan-made Beauty and the Beast music videos that emphasizes the fun and excitement of Catherine and Vincent's relationship.  5 Stars all the way for this one!

View it HERE: