Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Sci-Fi Worlds of...RICK SPRINGFIELD!

Zac (Rick Springfield) and Apollo (Richard Hatch)

For fans of Battlestar Galactica, Rick Springfield will always be remembered as the doomed Lt. Zac.  Zac was the first casualty of what would come to be called The Great Destruction ("Saga of A Star World").  A deleted scene from "Saga of A Star World" revealed that Zac had the highest grades in the history of the academy.

This talented actor / singer / song-writer / novelist has several science fiction productions to his credit.  He appeared - an animated form - as the star of the cult-favorite Filmation Saturday morning series Mission: Magic! (1973), where he played a rock star named "Rick" who had magical powers. Springfield wrote and sang a new song for every episode of the series, which ran for 16 episodes..

Mission: Magic! - starring Rick Springfield as "Rick".
Springfield was a familiar face on sci-fi TV throughout the '70's, with guest starring roles on The Six Million Dollar Man - ("Rollback"), two episodes of Wonder Woman ("Screaming Javelins" and "Amazon Hot Wax") and The Incredible Hulk ("The Disciple").  He first worked for Glen A. Larson with a guest star role on The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries, playing Nancy Drew's boyfriend, a young lawyer named Ned Nickerson ("Will the Real Santa Claus...?").

Wonder Woman - "Screaming Javelins"
In 1989, Springfield played the lead in the absolutely fantastic 2-hour pilot movie Nick Knight. Springfield played Nick Knight, a tortured, centuries-old vampire attempting to atone for his sins as a Los Angeles police detective who (naturally) works the night shift.  The concept didn't sell in its original format and was retooled in 1992 as Forever Knight with an almost entirely new cast. Welsh-born / Canadian actor Geraint Wyn-Davies assumed the role of Nick Knight.  Nick Knight is available on DVD - get it! :-)

Nick Knight (1989)
Springfield's other science fiction credits include the lead role of DC Comics super-hero / man-of-a-thousand-faces, the master of disguise Christopher Chance on the short-lived 1992 TV series Human Target (why isn't this great show on DVD?!?) which ran for 7 episodes (plus an Unaired Pilot with a different supporting cast).

Human Target (1992)
He also co-starred (with Parker Stevenson and Terry Farrell) in the sci-fi / space-adventure TV movie Legion (1998).

Springfield's one (and to this date only) Science Fiction themed Music Video "Human Touch" is fantastic fun.  In this video, he plays a time-traveler (via cryogenics) who thaws out in the futuristic year...2016!  I've provided a YouTube link to this great video at the end of this article.

Human Touch
In 2014, Springfield wrote a science fiction novel called Magnificent Vibration (I haven't read it).

The science fiction worlds of Rick Springfield are many and varied.  The man who was Lt. Zac is unstoppable!

Human Target - opening credits

Nick Knight - 20th Anniversary fan-made music video -

Human Touch - Music Video -

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