Saturday, July 11, 2015

Glen A. Larson's episode of "The Fugitive"!

The Fugitive
 ("In a Plain Paper Wrapper");
 aired on April 19, 1966

Kurt Russell and his kid pals 

David Janssen as The Fugitive
After a successful stint as a member of the popular musical group, The Four Preps, the late Glen A. Larson (1937 - 2014), creator of Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, and many other iconic TV series, broke into the writing and producing side of the entertainment business in 1965 / 66 by selling story ideas to Quinn Martin Productions for two of his biggest hits, The Fugitive and Twelve O'Clock High.

Glen A. Larson
The Fugitive episode "In a Plain Paper Wrapper" (episode #89) premiered on ABC-TV on April 19, 1966 - story by Jackson Gillis and Glen A. Larson; teleplay by John Kneubuhl; directed by the great Richard Donner.  This 3rd Season episode guest stars a young Kurt Russell who, along with two of his kid pals decide to capture Dr. Kimble using a rifle they purchased from an ad in a comic book!  Trivia:  This was the last episode filmed for Season 3 and also the last black and white episode.

Usually, the "flashier" episodes of The Fugitive garner the lion's share of fan attention, but I think "In a Plain Paper Wrapper" is definitely one of the better episodes of the series and a highlight of Season 3.  The complete episode can be seen on YouTube and is well-worth watching.  Watch it HERE:

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