Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sept. 17, 1963 / 1978 - "The Fugitive" and "Battlestar Galactica" premiere 15 years apart!

I it just an incredible cosmic coincidence that the two GREATEST "chase" shows in TV history began exactly 15 years to the day from each other?  On September 17, 1963, The Fugitive began a successful 4 year run on ABC-TV.  Precisely 15 years later - on September 17, 1978, Battlestar Galactica began its (sadly, short-lived) run - also on ABC-TV.  Also worth noting - every episode of Battlestar Galactica ended with a reference to The Fugitive with the famous, ("...Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar - Galactica, leads a rag-tag FUGITIVE fleet on a lonely quest...a shining planet known as Earth.").  :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 1963 -
 The epic CHASE begins! - The Fugitive

Sunday, September 17, 1978 -
The epic CHASE begins! - Battlestar Galactica

The Fugitive is copyright (c) CBS / Paramount.
Battlestar Galactica is (c) copyright NBC / Universal.